Important Reminders:  
1. Part I & Part II exam is booked in ProctorU.  
2. Work with your Member Firm closely to ensure each step is completed and resolve any issues which may arise  
(booking or payment).  
How to Book:  
APSCA CSCA Exam Part I & Part II  
Please follow these steps carefully  
3. Penalty fees will be charged (Schedule of Fees) for cancellations (IT Issues or No Show).  
4. Please refer to APSCA Resource library for exam deadlines, by language.  
Version 1 T-031 - February 2022  
Exam Request  
Auditor ProctorU (PU) Profile  
Mem ber  
Auditor & Firm  
Mem ber  
Coordinate with your Member Firm to have your name submitted  
on an Exam Request Sheet (ERS). An exam cannot be scheduled  
until the ERS has been submitted to APSCA. Firms can obtain an  
ERS by contacting:  
Auditors will receive an email notification from PU when the exam  
appointment is made.  
Auditors can reschedule their exam date and time by logging back into their  
PU account. Changes to bookings need to be made no later than 48 hours  
before the scheduled exam date.  
Member Firms must include Auditor name on an ERS to nominate  
Auditor for the exam & advise party responsible for payment  
of exam Auditor or Firm.  
Should you have any questions regarding your exam booking, please  
contact APSCA immediately  
Independent Auditors please contact APSCA at  
Prepare for Exam & Test Equipment  
Member Firm  
Exam Confirmation  
Review the APSCA Resource library and documents listed below to prepare for  
the exam:  
APSCA returns ERS to Firm to:  
Confirm Auditor eligibility to sit Part I or Part II exam.  
Issue invoices to responsible party Auditor or Firm.  
Note: Invoices to Auditors are issued once Auditor  
schedules exam.  
Mem ber  
Exam fees are detailed on the Schedule of Fees  
Auditor MUST test their equipment in advance of sitting the exam and  
download the Chrome or Firefox extension required in preparation for the exam.  
Watch the Test Taker Experience Video for what to expect.  
Should you need help whilst testing your equipment, use the PU “Need Help Chat  
Now” function and speak with a live technician.  
When using the test it out page, if you have concerns or questions about your  
equipment or internet speed use the “Need Help Chat Now” function and speak  
with a live technician.  
If exam is taken without payment being made, exam results  
will not be issued, and the exam may be disallowed.  
NOTE: Test equipment again prior to taking Part II exam!  
Exam Booking in ProctorU (PU)  
Part I & II exams are available in 10 languages: English, Bangla,  
Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Italian, Portuguese, Spanish,  
Turkish, Thai, and Vietnamese.  
Exam Day  
Mem ber  
Auditors must arrive 10 minutes before their exam appointment.  
If an Auditor fails to log on in time (for any reason), this can result in  
being noted as a “No Show” and Auditor will be charged the full exam  
The Proctor has allowed 30 minutes from the exam start time to help  
with connection but if any issues cannot be resolved within 30 minutes,  
the exam will be canceled, and the Auditor will be charged the full exam  
Mem ber  
With the assistance of technology, APSCA has expanded these  
exams to cover all languages. See information below:  
Auditors are to create an account and schedule their exam in  
When scheduling an exam in a language other than the 10  
languages above choose, “Alternate Language.  
Consult Auditor Handbook for further information regarding  
how to book and exam with PU.  
If the Auditor clicks on ‘Start’ and nothing happens or cannot see the  
‘Start’ button use the ‘Need Help Chat Now’ function to get help – do  
not wait!  
Please contact